Smart Classroom

Dahua's Smart Classroom Solution lets the online teaching be possible and benefit the teaching resources balance, provides online students with an immersive learning experience. The interactive whiteboards and smart blackboards bring great convenience to teaching, rich and high-quality teaching tools make classroom teaching more attractive. Truly achieve the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology in teaching, and improve the application level of education digitization.

Demand of Remote Education
· In-person classes are restricted in schools sometimes, while the need for remote online classes surged.
Limited Teaching Methods
· The teaching method of blackboard writing is not efficient, and manual sharing of course materials is complicated.
Imbalance of Educational Resources
· People in rural areas cannot afford the high costs of education compared with those in urban areas.
Lack of Learning Resources
· Students must attend classes at specific time and place. There are not enough online resources to review after class.


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